Headquarters: Santa Clara, California, USA
Founded: 2017
Founder(s): Erik H. Volkerink
Notable Investors: 8VC, Koch Disruptive Technologies

Trackonomy Systems can make almost anything “smart” with its small-sized, simple, and cost-effective IoT-enabled, smart-sensing adhesive strip. The piece of tape can monitor precious cargo and machinery, blurring the line between software, logistics and manufacturing. The Trackonomy smart tape integrates sensors that can both track and relay information, including location, position, and temperature. Various additional features are also possible as the tape is endlessly customizable, making the cost of the solution use-case dependent. Through the IoT network, sensors both collect and pass on information throughout the supply chain, wirelessly, to the user. Trackonomy, in effect, is an omniscient supply-chain Operating System for status and condition monitoring.

One of Trackonomy’s lead investors, Koch Industries, is giving the company access to a range of real-world scenarios where the tape could disrupt the status quo. Through this partnership, Trackonomy Systems has been able to connect with other Koch Labs portfolio entrepreneurs and Subject Matter Experts, opening doors for its success.

We believe Trackonomy’s solution can significantly increase companies’ customer service and efficiency by catching faults before they occur, and reduce end-product waste and frustration. Tracking is only the beginning. Owning all three data points of a fully-integrated platform – hardware, software, data – Trackonomy delivers end-to-end visibility and unmatched granular insight into shipments across disparate networks.

Founder and CEO Erik Volkerink is a former Stanford University professor at the School of Engineering and a serial entrepreneur. He has a long track-record of miniaturizing powerful technology into small form factors and strongly believes that at its best, technology solves problems. He was CTO at Flextronics, a Fortune 500 company dedicated to helping customers across industries develop and manufacture new technology products, including wearables and hearables. This led him to founding Trackonomy and bringing us closer to the age of “invisibles”.

Ajay Khoche is Co-Founder and CTO at Trackonomy Systems. He has a long career designing, developing and deploying software and hardware systems, with 25+ U.S. patents to his name. He brings over 20 years of experience in rapid prototyping and mass production to Trackonomy.